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Structure missing samples & DragnDrop issue

Hi there,

I got two problems with Structure which I'm using in Sonar.

1.) Whenever I drag&drop parts around (within a single patch) on the Main window, the part is losing it's samples. The red exclamation mark shows up and I'm prompted to select a sample folder. Even if I select the correct folder, the window keeps popping up.

It happens with parts I created, as well as preset parts of Structure.

The same thing happens when I cut&paste samples on the parts / samples view. E.g. I have Part_A containing 3 samples, I cut and paste them into Part_B. The exclamation mark shows up, but I'm unable to solve the issue. "Find Missing Samples" doesn't work.

The only thing that seems to work is saving the part again with the option "With Samples" selected. But that means that I clutter my disk with copies of samples.

2.) Inside the Parts View I cannot use drag & drop to e.g. move a sample to another part. It simply doesn't work. Drag&drop works on the Main view (even though issue 1 occurs) only. I can only cut&paste in the Parts View. I also cannot rename anything inside the Parts View. When I double-click e.g. a Folder I get a cursor blinking, but no matter what I enter on my keyboard I cannot change the name. (I've double-checked that I have Sonar's option "Send all keystrokes to plugin" activated. It works in other plugins without issue. Keyboard input also works in the search bar in Structure)
There seems to be another issue connected to this: When I try to create multiple folders in Parts View the folders are created as subfolders of the previous folder. I can only create folders on the same level if I collapse that part and select it.

It's really strange to click with the left mouse button, as if I'd press the Shift key all the time (which I do not of course, capslock also off).

Please help.

I'm on Windows 7 64bit, Structure, Sonar Professional (most recent)
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