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Strike 2 is way inderrated in the land of Drum Libraries

As a user of several other drum vst plugins like BFD3, Superior Drummer 2/EZdrummer2, SSD4, Groove Agent 4 i am suprised at how good Strike 2 is. I quess the fact it was a protools only plugin once didn't make me aware of it sooner. Especially with a comparable concept with Groove Agent. but while groove agent 4 has only 3 acoustic kits they also not sound that great to be honest.. Not so with Strike 2. I think i never had a Drummer that offers such a great versatile Library with everything from jazz including great brushes, folk, pop, rock, metal wich also sounds great out of the box.
Unlike others there is simply no need for expansion packs.
Couldn't you have made this plugin available for everyone just sooner? :)).