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Ilok Manager not installing on Win7 64bit

I was working fine and then the computer did a windows update, Now it say the manager wont work. I made sure all of the updates were installed, I removed any thing in the system that had the word Pace or ILOK. Rebooted. Ran the clean up manager that comes with the 64bit manager and then tried to reinstall the manager and right at the very end it bombs out with these error screens... driving me crazy, need some help.

1st error screen

The path it refers to does not even exist on my D drive, I have it set to show hidden files as well.

Once I click on OK then I get this error screen

Still not sure what to make if this error.

Then after that I get this one...

The installer then removes all files and cleans up and I am back where I started...

Very frustrating, Any help would be great!

Windows 7 64 bit OS
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