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I’m frustrated

Ignite : Improvements in effect/instrument management for v1.3

Here are some lacks (from my strictly personal point of view) :
- a mean to exchange quickly 2 effects in a chain, or to move an effect forward/backward (instead of the 2 arrows to select which are useless),
- the ability to insert an effect in the middle of existing chain,
- the ability to save a whole instrument (MIDI or audio) with its settings and effects in a "user defined" category to be able to re-use it quickly in a new session. There could be such a category for each class of instrument (audio, drums, etc..)
- if not, at least copy/paste of an existing instrument in a session and through sessions.
- add some guitar cabinet simu / filter in the Eq effect (I think someone else already talked about this). Or maybe add a VST hosting capability (but I don't think it is really essential for this software, let's keep it simple)
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