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I’m Excited

2.0.4 Updates Now available!

Air Music Tech

has announced that a series of free v2.04 updates for their most

popular instruments are now available!

  • Improved support for Cubase 8.
  • Improved support for Logic Pro X.
  • Wide range of performance enhancements and stability optimizations.
  • Improved support for Pro Tools 11.
  • Official support for OS X 10.10.
  • Optional support for using an iLok key to store your license.
  • New license manager to allow customers to manage their own authorizations.
  • Now install on up to three seats per license (Computers or iLoks).
  • Support for new Akai Pro Virtual Instrument Player.
  • Improved support for M-Audio Arsenal.

How to get the update:

Update only installers are available so you wont need to re-download

your content. A new free serial number is required for this update to

support the new license manager.


Trial Mode: All products now will

feature a fully functional 15 day trial version with the entire library

of content and presets available to you.


Upgrades start at $29.99 for AIEP V2 owners and $129.99 for V1

Pack/Single Instrument owners. Contact if you

are unsure of what offers may apply for you.

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